Jeremy and the other members of his team with Andrew Hamilton, the current President of NYU.

Tisch Undergraduate Student Council 

Fall 2015- Spring 2017


Jeremy served on the Tisch Undergraduate Student Council for two academic years, his first year as the Alternate Senator and second as President of the Council. 

Under Jeremy's leadership as President, the group was able to receive an NYU Presidential Service Award, the highest student leadership award, for outstanding dedication to the NYU Community. 

In addition to being the voice of the student body within the Student Government of NYU, TUSC is also responsible for overseeing the student life of Tisch through producing events activities for students. 

During Jeremy's term, the group produced 4 Relaxation Days, 2 Student Film Festivals, 6 Give Back "TUSC Treat" Days, and 1 Variety Show. 

Passion Projects Theatre Company

Jeremy is the Co-Founder and Head Producer for Passion Projects Theatre Company 

Professional Resume

Jeremy has a had lifetime of experience in the entertainment industry

Other Projects 

TUSC, A85: Princesses Rise Up, and more!


April 9th, 2017 

First Annual

TUSC Variety Show


Jeremy conceptualized the TUSC Variety Show during his time as President. The show was an attempt to try and provide more opportunities for students to perform through NYU and showcase their talents. The Variety Show featured student performers from all over the Tisch student body.

Take a look at some of the performances below. 

Variety Show Footage 

A85- "Princesses Rise Up!" Benefit Concert

Jeremy Co-Produced and was the Emcee for the A85: Princesses Rise Up! Benefit Concert. 


The A85 Cure Foundation, Inc. (A85 Cure) is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to raising awareness and finding a cure for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (P.O.T.S.).

May 21, 2017 

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